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When it comes to listening to customers, hi-fi salarymen often seem tin-eared. At Item Audio we’re not just here to flog boxes with margins: we’re consultants, enhancing music reproduction in ways dealers rarely trade in.

We work with audiophiles and professionals alike – upgrading headphone sounds, live sound and surround sound; at home and in the studio.

We recommended and source equipment from any manufacturer, not just the handful we’re contracted to promote. If it doesn’t exist we may even make it – like the world-first multirail linear-powered music servers we built when the web was young.

We’re not in the business of selling endless, flavour-of-the-month, snake-oil magic bullets for problems than can be cured by a change of perspective. In fact, this website doesn’t even have a cart: we’re partying like it’s 1989. On the upside, you’re empirically 91% less likely to make a hasty purchasing decision later regretted.

If you’re interested in room measurement and treatment, cutting edge wizardry and timeless classics, active speakers, real bass, clean power, natural digital, vivid analog, pro/am mash-ups, extended in-home audition, and system building in which sense triumphs over expense, get in touch.

We scale up to theatres and down to desktops; trading in six-figure systems and beer money budgets – because for us the listener is the most interesting component of the system. We look forward to hearing from you via email or on 01242 692455.

Good listening!

Joel Partch.

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