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When it comes to listening to customers, hi-fi salesmen tend to be tin-eared but Item Audio isn’t just here to flog boxes with margins: we hear the needs of audiophiles and professionals on an equal opportunities basis – in homes and studios we improve headphones, man caves, living rooms and theatres for mono, stereo, live  and surround sound.

We recommended and source equipment from any manufacturer, not just the portfolio we’re contracted to promote. If it doesn’t exist we make it – like the world-first multirail linear-powered music servers we built when the web was young.
We’re not in the business of selling flavour-of-the-month, snake-oil magic bullets for problems than can be cured by a change of perspective. In fact, this website doesn’t even have a cart: we’re partying like it’s 1989. On the upside, the data says you’re 92% less likely to make a hasty, regrettable purchase after talking to us.
If you’re into room measurement and treatment, cutting edge wizardry and timeless classics, active speakers, real bass, clean power, natural digital, vivid analog, pro/am mash-ups, extended in-home audition, and system building in which sense triumphs over expense – we’re all ears.
We trade in six-figure systems and beer money budgets – because for us the listener is the most interesting component of the system. Get in touch via email or call 01242 692455. You’re listening; we’re listening. It’s all good.

Joel Partch

You and your business truly deserve to go from strength to strength and I wish you the very best for the future. Your customer service and communication are world class and a lot of audio businesses could learn and benefit from your exemplary conduct.

Frank H. (Australia)

Thank you very much for your expert time just now. I can well imagine how your day gets confiscated with audiophile chat! Your advise is valuable to me. Thank you.

Richard S. (Wiltshire)

I liked your idea about a ceramic case. Thank you for the loan of the Locus Nucleus cable. On your advice I bought 2 xx power supplies. 

Scott (Computer Audio Design)

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